Saturday, February 26, 2011

Battle of Marienborn - Move 4


24 July 1813

Table at the start of Move 4.

On the left Poniatowski has ordered one division to occupy Marienborn, and the second division to deploy to the south, supported by the cavalry and artillery.

On the right Bulow is reacting to the enemy deployment. He has ordered his artillery to deploy south of the town, and one brigade to support them. But the remainder of his corps has been left behind.

3rd Prussian Corps

Bulow again moves first, and this time has 7CP

Artillery move and unlimber beside East Marienborn

Cavalry withdraw out of enemy artillery range

9 brigade form square to protect artillery

Column move towards East Marienborn

XIII French Corps

Poniatowski has 5CP

He also orders his cavalry to withdraw out of enemy artillery range

The artillery moves to the right flank

2 brigade enters West Marienborn, with 3 brigade in support

Rule Note

The cavalry have completed their role of covering the approach and deployment.

They are now very vulnerable to enemy artillery fire.

To withdraw them is expensive and dangerous.

If they offer a flank or rear to the enemy cavalry they risk an opportunity charge

To withdraw half a move facing the enemy costs 2CP

They are not allowed to pass through friends.

Both commanders are aware of the problem and have completed the withdrawal safely

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