Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Battle of Helmstedt - Move 5


24 July 1813

Table at the start of Move 5

First - VI French – 5CP

Artillery is out of command range and may not fire

21 and 23 brigades moves towards Helmstedt

Marmont moves to centre of corps

Artillery limber and move to reposition guns

In east Helmstedt 24 brigade test morale, fail and continue to rout

Second - Poor Card

Third - 4th Prussian – 8CP

Artillery fire on French guns, 1 hit

French gunners test and pass morale for casualty

Manhandle guns towards enemy cavalry

Cuirassiers form line

13 and 14 brigades move towards Helmstedt

15 brigade move through Helmstedt

15 brigade skirmish routed enemy infantry and cause another casualty

Routed enemy test morale for second casualty, fail and continue to rout

Fourth - French CinC – 5CP

No action taken

Game Note

Prussian gunners score 12 for a hit on the enemy artillery

Counter battery fire is not very effective in these rules, it requires a total of 11 with 2xD6 for a hit. When 4th Prussian turn came they had a high 8CP. Only the French artillery were in range of the Prussian guns, and I was not going to fire. However Jan pointed out that I had plenty of CP, and might as well. I rolled 2xD6 and scored a hit! Fortunately her gunners passed their morale test, but will still be minus 1 for all subsequent firing.

Which just goes to show that it does not pay to be a good sport in wargaming.

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