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Austrian victory at Mattsee

6 July 1813

Battle of Mattsee

Campaign Background

2 Austrian corps are in and around the town of Mattsee and have orders to hold the town

11 Bavarian corps have been ordered to advance north from Salzburg and attack the town of Mattsee.

table at start

Wargames Table

Mattsee is the town in the centre

The centre road bottom to top is from Salzburg (bottom) to Branau (top)

The road from left to right is from Hochburg (left) to Franken (right)

The river on the right is the Salach

2 Austrian corps are deployed in and around Mattsee. They have orders to hold the town, and must also hold the road to Franken which is their line of retreat..

11 Bavarian corps will enter the table on Salzburg road . They have orders to take Mattsee, but retreat to Salzburg if this is not possible.

Bavarians attack Austrian held hill

The Bavarians pin the centre and left, and send three brigades of infantry to attack the high ground on their right.

This area is held by one Austrian brigade, but quickly reinforced by a militia brigade.

The Bavarian infantry come under artillery fire as they approach the hill, and the left hand brigade is shaken. The remaining two brigades are not strong enough to storm the hill and the attack is called off.

Effect on the Campaign

The failure to take Mattsee will prevent the two Bavarian corps joining together to raise the siege of Passau.

Link to battle report

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