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A major Austrian victory at Altheim

7 July 1813

Battle of Altheim

1 Austrian corps have been at Altheim since 4 July with the aim of preventing communication between the garrison of Passau and Bavarian forces south of the river Danube. One infantry brigade has been deployed north of the table to hold the bridge south of Passau. They are aware that 2 Austrian corps is moving to Franken to support them

10 Bavarian corps has been ordered to advance west from Branau, attack the town of Altheim and join forces with the garrison of Passau. They are not aware that 11 Bavarian corps has failed to take Mattsee and have retreated south to Salzburg.

Table at start of wargame

Altheim is the town in the centre of the table

The centre road bottom to top is from Franken (bottom) to Passau (top)

The road from left to right is from Branau (left) to Raab (right)

1 Austrian corps is deployed in and around Mattsee. One infantry brigade has been detached to guard the bridge at Passau (off top of table). They have orders to hold the town, and must also hold the bridge at Passau.

10 Bavarian corps will enter the table on Branau road. They have orders to take Altheim and join forces with the garrison of Passau.

Bavarians attack Altheim

The Bavarians have pinned the Austrian centre, and threatened it with their cavalry.

Meanwhile the main attack is delivered on the opposite flank against the town.

Two attacking columns are repulsed with heavy casualties, and as night falls the attack is called of

Effect on the Campaign

By holding Altheim the Austrians have secured their bridgehead over the river Salach, and also forced the garrison of Passau to withdraw on the north bank of the river Danube in order to rejoin the rest of the Bavarian army.

Link to battle report

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