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Major Austrian defeat at Reishach

11 July 1813

Battle of Reishach

Campaign Background

Archduke Charles has ordered an attack on Reishach by 1,3 and 4 corps to destroy the enemy before they can move 11 corps north and take his army in the flank.

Marshal Oudinot expects Charles to withdraw his army to the east following his defeat at Salzburg. He orders 9,10 and 12 corps to strike at Branau before they can retire. 11 corps will abandon Salzburg and march north against their left flank at Mattsee.

Table at start of game

Wargames Table

Reishach is the town at the top left of the table

The road bottom to top is from Hochburg (bottom) to Simbach (top)

The road left to right is from Muhldorf (left) to Branau (right)

9 and 10 Bavarian, and 12 Baden, corps have orders to attack Branau

1, 3 and 4 Austrian corps have orders to attack Reishach.

Both armies advance and the result is a confused and complicated battle.

During the morning both sides suffer setbacks. But through the afternoon Oudinot gains the upper hand. Eventually the Austrians retreat.

Effect on the Campaign

The loss of this battle left Archduke Charles with no option but to retreat.

Link to battle report

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