Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Russian army enters Leipzig

12 June 1813

Kutuzov meets with his generals at Leipzig

The Russian Army arrives at the river Saale and Kutuzov occupies Leipzig

French are heavily outnumbered and particularly vulnerable at Gera.

3 corps is ordered south to Saalfeld to hold the right of the French line.

11 June 1813

Kutuzov is alarmed to receive reports that Napoleon has left Fulda and is marching towards the river Saale.

He orders his four corps to push ahead to reach the river Saale and take up defensive positions between Leipzig and Zwichau.

Napoleon and the Imperial Guard are still four days march from the river Saale.

He only has one corps on the west bank at Halle and a second on the east bank at Gera.

A third has been ordered to move to Jena to support the bridgehead at Gera.

He has issued orders that the river must be held at all costs.

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