Monday, September 13, 2010

Napoleon arrives at Fulda

10 June 1813

Napoleon arrives at Fulda

Kutuzov arrives in Leipzig, where he plans to stop for a couple of days to allow his corps to reach their concentration areas.

Napoleon arrives at Fulda and orders Imperial Guard to Erfurt and 3rd corps to Neustadt on the river Saale..

Imperial Guard at Funda

Russian cavalry patrols confirm French holding their position at Halle and Gera.

French reinforcements continue to arrive at Fulda.

9 June 1813

Kutuzov reviews Russian Army at Dresden

The Russians continue their leisurely march towards the river Saale, unaware of any French movement.

Napoleon receives reports from Gera of Russian movements on Dresden to Leipzig road.

Sends orders to his forward corps to hold their positions but not to react to enemy movements.

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