Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introduction to the Tarragona Campaign

Spain 14 May 1813

On the same day that the battle of Magdeburg was being fought in northern Germany, an event took place 1200 miles which would lead to the second phase of the 1813 campaign.

General La Roche stormed and captured the small town of Lerida in eastern Spain.

In January 1813 Wellington was appointed CinC of all Spanish Armies. His major concern was that Marshal Suchet should be prevented from sending reinforcements to Marshal Soult.

Captain-General Copons commanded the four Spanish corps in eastern Spain. Wellington requested that he attempt to capture Tarragona in order to sever communications between Suchet and Soult, and to keep the French in eastern Spain fully occupied.

Lerida is a small, but strategically important, town on the main road from Barcellona to Sarragossa. This road is the only direct communication link between Marshal Suchet in east and Marshal Soult in the west.

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