Friday, September 17, 2010

Imperial Garde take Weimar

16 June 1813

Battle of Weimar

Napoleon commits the Imperial Garde to retake Weimar and force the Russians back across the river Saale.

Photo of table

In a close fought battle the 4th Russian corps held Weimar right to the end. The garde cavalry were beaten by the Russian cuirassiers, and three of the four garde infantry brigades were shaken.

Cavalry melee

As night fell the sole garde infantry brigade finally pushed the Russians out of Weimar. A relieved Napoleon had halted the Russian advance and regained control of the west bank of the river Saale.

15 June 1813

Russians cross the river Saale

French withdraw to Jena and Russians occupy Gera.

Napoleon is one days march from Weimar

Further north the Russians cross the river Saale at Naumberg and occupy Weimar.

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