Thursday, September 16, 2010

French lose Gera

14 June 1813

Battle of Gera

Filled with confidence after their victory at Neustadt, Kutuzov orders an

attack on Gera, to deny the French their only bridgehead on west bank of the river Saale

Table at start of battle

The town is held by 2nd French corps

Another hard battle for possession of the only French held town on the eastern bank.

The town is held by a brigade of Young Guard, who hold the town throughout the day but are finally driven out by the Pavlov Grenadier brigade.

Russians take Gera

The Russians have routed the garrison, but at the loss of one brigade, and have captured one section of the town. The remainder is still held by the French, but two of their brigades are in rout.

Efffect on Campaign

The French withdrew to the west bank under cover of darkness.

This is the second defeat for the French, and they have lost their only hold on the east bank of the river Saale.

The Russians are now deployed along the east bank from Lutzen to Neustadt and well placed to push across to the west bank.

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