Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Prussian victory at Magdeburg

14 May 1813

The battle of Magdeburg

This was the largest, and most decisive, battle of the campaign.

All four corps of both armies took part, and it was very much "A Near Run Thing".

Blucher has two corps available at the start of the battle, with the remaining two corps due to arrive by mid morning. He took up a defensive position at Magdeburg and waited for the French attack.

Davout planned to hold with his left and centre, whilst attacking with his right.

He created a cavalry division by taking two brigades from his holding corps to support his attack. It started well, but was held by an aggressive Prussian counter attack.

The Prussians were slow to take advantage of this, and Davout quickly switched his attack to his left flank, holding with his centre and right.

French attack Magdeburg

He used two corps for this attack, leaving the remaining two corps to hold the centre and right.

This time he was successful drove the Prussian left back over the river Elbe. However he was unable to take Magdeburg.

Both sides suffered heavy casualties, and the Prussians withdrew over the river, but kept a strong bridgehead in Magdeburg.

The French withdrew to Marienborn to regroup and reform.


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