Sunday, August 29, 2010

French defeat at Halbeck

10 May 1813

Battle of Halbeck

At first light Blucher ordered the attack on Halbeck

The Prussian army approached Halbeck with 3 corps on the left and 4 corps on the right

A cavalry division has been created by taking the brigades from each corps.

The Prussian cavalry to advance to silence the enemy guns, the French infantry form square to protect them.

French cavalry move forward, but are overthrown by the greater numbers of enemy cavalry and thrown back. The hussar brigade from the approaching 6th corps attempt to cover the retreat but are also defeated and join the rout

4th corps is deployed around the church in the centre of Halbeck. With the loss of their cavalry their infantry are forced into square to hold the Prussian cavalry at bay.

Prussians attack Halbeck

Blucher masses his artillery opposite the church and blows a hole in the French defences. His cavalry pour into the hole and rout 4th corps.

As they flee from the town they take the approaching 6th corps with them.

Blucher has achieved a third decisive victory.

As the mass of French infantry flee from Halbeck the road to Helmstedt and Hanover is wide open.

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