Saturday, August 28, 2010

French concentrate at Halbeck

9 May 1813

4th corps in Halbeck, 6th corps approach from left

Blucher was slow to build up his position at Colbitz.

He spent the day redeploying 3rd and 4th corps around the town, and allowed the French to regroup to the west at Halbeck.

Davout did not waste any time at Halbeck.

By mid morning 4th corps was in a strong defensive position around the town.

6th corps was withdrawn behind Halbeck to rest and regroup

He was determined to be ready for the expected Prussian advance on Halbeck.

8 May 1813

Blucher was overjoyed at another victory, and this time in the vital north.

3rd corps was allowed to rest in Colbitz.

4th corps ordered to cross the river to support them.

Further south he would hold his position in front of Magdeburg and at Calbe.

At first light Davout arrived in Halbeck to rally his shaken 6th corps.

He brought 4th corps into the town and withdrew 6th corps to regroup west of Halbeck.

He was aware that if the Prussians were allowed to take Halbeck he would be have to fall back to Helmstedt and abandon any hope of holding the line of the river Elbe.

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