Monday, August 16, 2010


Napoleon in 1813
This is a fictional campaign.

Although based on the historical campaign of 1813 it does not attempt to copy that campaign. The armies involved do not fight over the same area. The armies are not composed of the same orders of battle.

The aim of the campaign is to provide enjoyable wargames, within the framework of a campaign, with the minimum of campaign administration.

The orders of battle are designed to make maximum use of the model soldiers in my collection

Each battlefield is designed to fit on my 6x6 foot wargames table making maximum use of the scenery in my collection.

There are five campaign areas, each with its own French and allied army

Northern Germany – Munster to Berlin – French v Prussian
Central Germany – Dusseldorf to Dresden – French v Russian
Southern Germany – Munich to Vienna – French v Austrian
Eastern Spain – Barcelona to Valencia – French v Spanish
Western Spain – Madrid to Bayonne – French v British

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