Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Campaign Areas


Marshal Davout commands the First French army, which is forming on the river Rhine at Hanover. It consists of three French and one Polish corps. Its first objective will be Magdeburg on the river Elbe.

Prince Blucher commands the Prussian army, which is concentrated around Berlin. It consists of four corps. He has orders to move west and take Magdeburg

Napoleon will command the Second French army, which has orders to concentrate at Dusseldorf on the river Rhine. It will consist of the Imperial Garde, two new French corps and a Westphalian corps. All four corps are awaiting reinforcements and will not be ready to take the field for some weeks. Its objective will be Dresden.

Marshal Kutuzov commands the Russian army of four corps at Dresden. They are also waiting for reinforcements to replace the casualties of the previous year. Once they are reorganised they will move west towards Halle.

Marshal Ney commands the Third French army at Munich. It consists of four corps. Three are mixed Bavarian and German and the fourth is Baden. They have orders to pin the Austrian army in the area of the Danube valley

Archduke Charles commands the Austrian army, which is concentrated around Vienna. During the 1812 campaign they had formed part of the French army, but had refused to move into Russia and had thus avoided the terrible retreat. They have orders to move west and take Munich.


Marshal Suchet commands the Fourth French army, which has responsibility for eastern Spain. He has lost mast of his best divisions who have been sent north to provide reinforcements for the First and Second French armies in Germany. He has been ordered to concentrate his remaining two French and one Polish corps at Barcelona.

Captain General Copons commands all Spanish armies in eastern Spain. Wellington has been appointed commander in chief of the Spanish army, and has instructed Copons to use his four corps to pin Suchet on the east coast and prevent him from sending any support to the Fifth French army in western Spain.

Marshal Soult has also lost many of his best troops to rebuild the French armies in the north. He has reluctantly abandoned southern Spain and concentrated his army between Madrid and Burgos. With his remaining three French and one Italian corps he is determined to retain control of all of western Spain.

The Duke of Wellington has four mixed British and Portuguese corps under his command at Salamanca. He had been forced to retreat from Burgos and Madrid at the end of 1812 and is determined to drive the French out of Spain before the end of 1813.

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