Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Battle of Peine Day One – Set Up

0700 4 August 1813

Campaign Background

Poniatowski has been tasked to hold Peine as long as possible, as he is the only formation between the Prussians and their campaign objective of taking Hanover. Despite odds of three to one he has decided against a retreat north in order to avenge his earlier defeat at Helmstedt.

Blucher has three corps available to attack Peine. All have battle casualties.

Davout has two corps within supporting distance of Peine. Both have battle casualties.

Table at start of game

Peine is the town on the left of the table

XIII French corps is deployed in front of Peine

The road on the left leads to Celle

French reinforcements will arrive on the Celle road

The road on the right leads to Brunswick

Prussian reinforcements will arrive from Brunswick

4th Prussian corps is deployed on the right

XIII French corps

Poniatowski has deployed his corps in front of Peine.

Lancers on the left infantry and artillery in the centre

4th brigade provides the garrison of Peine

4th Prussian corps

Tauentzien has deployed his corps ready to attack Peine

Battle casualties are indicated by the green dice

Game Note

Both corps have been in position overnight, so both have been allowed to deploy within their campaign square.

Both commanders are Poor

The new Poor Card rules will be used during the game

Rule 3 explains the Poor Card

Wargame rules can be found at

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