Thursday, September 1, 2011

Second Helmstedt – Set Up

0800 1 August 1813

Campaign Background

Having rested one day after his victory at Wolfsburg, Davout is marching south with V and VI corps to take Helmstedt and cut the Prussian supply route.

Blucher is trying to reorganize 1st and 4th Prussian corps to hold the town. Unknown to Davout he has also ordered 3rd corps to abandon their pursuit of XIII corps on the Hanover road, and join him at Helmstedt. Their march will be screened from the French by the hilly ground in L7 and woods in K7.

Table at start of game

Helmstedt is the town at the bottom left

Blucher has deployed 3rd corps on the left, 4th centre and 1st on the right

Davout has positioned V corps on the left and VI corps on the right

3rd Prussian corps

Bulow has all of his brigades, and only light casualties

4th Prussian corps

Tauentzien also has all of his brigades, and only one casualty

Blucher has joined this corps to support its poor commander

1st Prussian corps

Yorck has only his artillery and two infantry brigades

V French corps

Laurison has lost one of his infantry brigades to escort POW

VI French corps

Marmont has lost his best brigade to make up casualties throughout his corps infantry

Game Note

Because all five corps have deployed during the day, and remain stationary throughout the night, both commanders have been able to concentrate most of their casualties in one brigade where necessary.

We will not use the Poor Card in this game, because there is only one poor commander involved.

Wargame rules can be found at

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