Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Campaign Move 34 – Cavalry skirmish

0800 to 1200 3 August 1813

At first light 4th Prussian kuirassier brigade entered the town of Brunswick. They were aware of enemy cavalry to the west of the town, and approached with caution. They had orders not to attack the enemy, but to fight if attacked.

13th Polish lancer brigade had orders to attack and charged as the Prussians entered the town. The lancers outnumbered the kuirassiers, who had previous battle casualties. The long reach of their lances, plus the impetus of their charge, quickly overpowered the heavier enemy cavalry.

The Prussian cavalry suffered additional casualties, and routed from the town. They withdrew behind the main body of 4th corps, and soon rallied.

The Polish brigade calmly noted the strength and order of march of the approaching 4th corps. They then fell back in good order and abandoned the town to the Prussians.

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