Thursday, August 4, 2011

Second Wolfsburg – Set Up

0800 30 July 1813

Campaign Background

VI French corps had marched south to join the battle of Helmstedt, but arrived too late to take part. As the French were defeated, VI corps marched north back towards Wolfsburg. As they neared the town they spotted the Prussians approaching the town from the north along the Bodenteich road.

1st Prussian corps had an independent command because they were so far from Blucher’s headquarters. Their task was to hold Bodenteich to prevent V French corps marching south. Yorck ordered his corps to march south to bring it closer to the main campaign area. In doing so he could still block V corps from moving south.

V French corps is at Bodenteich, and may follow 1st corps south. If they do so Yorck could be pinned between them and VI corps

4th Prussian corps is at Helmstedt, and they may follow VI corps north. This could result in Marmont being pinned between them and 1st corps.

Table at start of game

Wolfsburg is the town in the centre of the table

1st Prussian corps is approaching from the top

VI French corps will enter from the bottom on move 1

V French corps will enter from the top if they arrive in time

4th Prussian corps will enter from the bottom if they arrive in time

1st Prussian corps

Yorck is approaching Wolfsburg with his corps in column of march

His cavalry and the rear infantry brigade each have one casualty from a previous battle

Game Note

At the start of the battle 4th Prussian corps have orders to follow VI French corps. But they can not arrive on the table before move 9

V French corps do not have orders to march south. If they are issued at the earliest opportunity they will also arrive at the start of move 9

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