Friday, August 5, 2011

Second Wolfsburg – Move 2

0900-1000 30 July 1813

Table at the start of move 2

Prussians start to deploy either side of Wolfsburg

French have move all command points to move closer to the town

VI French corps

Marshal Marmont (Average) – 5CP - Move

Cavalry move west of town to counter enemy cavalry

Remainder of the corps move 16” towards Wolfsburg

1st Prussian corps

General Yorck (Gifted) – 7CP – Move

1 infantry move 8” to edge of town

Artillery move 8” to east of town

3 infantry move 8” towards town

Yorck moves to command range (8”) of last two brigades

4 infantry move 8” towards town

2 infantry move 16” towards town

Notes on Game

Corps commander must be within 8” of brigade to issue orders

Rule 3 covers command radius

1st Prussian corps has started to deploy as they near Wolfsburg

Cavalry have been sent to the right and artillery to the left

The leading infantry brigade has started to enter the left hand section of the town

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