Monday, May 30, 2011

Second Battle of Uelzen – Move 8

1500-1600 27 July 1813

Table at the start of move 8

The whole battle is concentrated in the four top right squares

If not decided in this move, the table will be rearranged to bring the battle to the centre of the table for the rest of the battle.

IV French corps

General Reynier (Gifted) – 8CP – Attack Orders

Artillery screened by cuirassier brigade

Artillery limber and move to reposition facing Uelzen

Cavalry charge limbered artillery

Gunners make morale to abandon guns and evade to nearby square

Cavalry halt 4” from square

Reynier moves closer to north Uelzen

13 brigade attack 8 brigade in north Uelzen

13 brigade win melee, lose one casualty and are Disordered

8 brigade lose melee, lose three casualties, withdraw 4” and are Shaken

2nd Prussian corps

General Kleist (Average) – 5CP – Engage Orders

Infantry square moves towards cavalry to force them away from abandoned guns

Cavalry move back to maintain 4” distance

8 brigade moves out of north Uelzen to make room for counter attack

5 brigade forms column of attack in preparation for counter attack

8 brigade tests morale for Shaken, fails and remains Shaken

Notes on Game

13 French are an elite brigade with superior skirmishers

8 Prussian are a landwehr brigade with inferior skirmishers

Reynier orders an Attack rather than a Skirmish to clear the town

This means the French will charge and melee, rather than hold back and skirmish

The landwehr are pushed back, but not routed.

Fighting in build up areas are covered in wargame rule 10

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