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Battle of Steinhorst – Move 11

1800-1900 25 July 1813

Table at the start of move

Both sides have one brigade in rout and one shaken.

If the Prussians move first they should win the day with their artillery

V French corps

General Laurison (Average) – 6CP – Hold Orders

Change orders to Engage

18 Brigade advance, form line and volley fire shaken 2 Prussian

2 Prussian rout with two casualties

3 Prussian test morale for nearby rout, continue their own rout

4 Prussian test morale for nearby rout, fail and join rout

1 Prussian test morale for nearby rout, pass and remain formed

17 French test morale for shaken, pass and become disordered

19 French test more for rout, rally and become shaken

Cuirassiers test morale for rout, fail and continue to rout

1st Prussian corps

General Yorck (Gifted) – 7CP – Engage Orders

Artillery canister fire on 17 French, inflict casualties

17 French test morale, fail and become shaken

1 Prussian for line and exchange volley fire with 18 French

Draw, both lose 1 casualty, both are disordered

Infantry fire fight

The Prussians were very unlucky They lost the first skirmish fight during the previous move, resulting in one brigade in rout and a second shaken

The French moved first this turn, changed their orders to Engage and advanced 18 brigade to volley fire the shaken Prussian brigade. The Prussian brigade lost two casualties, joined the rout and took the reserve landwehr brigade with them. Three Prussian brigades are now in rout.

The sole remaining Prussian brigade then formed line and exchanged volley fire with the French brigade. The result was a draw, both sides receiving one casualty, but both brigades remained formed.

Table at end of move 11

Prussian hussars pin the Steinhorst garrison, and prevent the gunners from manning their guns. The Prussian artillery and one shaken brigade remain. The remaining three Prussian infantry brigades are in rout

The French hold Steinhorst with a full strength brigade. A second brigade is holding their own in the firefight. Two further brigades are shaken.

Notes on Game

With the loss of three of his infantry brigades general Yorck has no chance of taking Steinhorst in the remaining move before nightfall. To avoid further casualties he orders his corps to retreat towards Bodenteich, covered by his hussar brigade and the remaining infantry brigade.

Laurison has won a decisive victory due to his bold move in taking full advantage of his initial success in the early skirmish fight. Rather than continue to hold until nightfall, he changed his orders to Engage and forced a firefight before the enemy could recover from their initial setback.

At nightfall both sides have similar casualties

French – 6 infantry and 1 cavalry

Prussian – 5 infantry and 1 cavalry

However the Prussian attack has broken and fled, leaving just one infantry brigade and the cavalry to cover their retreat

The French have two formed and two shaken infantry brigades as well as their artillery.

V French corps has held Steinhorst throughout the day and won the battle

1 Prussian corps must spend the next day retreating to the east

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