Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Campaign Move 5 – Battle of Uelzen

1200-1600 24 July 1813

At 0400 General Reynier led his corps out of Uelzen and deployed them just east of the town astride the Uelzen-Rosche road. He selected a good defensive position in a valley, with hills protecting his flanks.

When General Kleist marched out of Rosche four hours later he found the road barred by the French IV corps.

battlefield mid afternoon

The morning passed with Kleist deploying his corps out of French artillery range. The Prussian cavalry were placed on the left flank to prevent the enemy cavalry disrupting the deployment.

Both cavalry brigades had suffered casualties in the melee of the previous day, and neither commander was prepared to commit them to a premature engagement which might result in the loss of their only cavalry.

As midday approached the two corps were in position and ready to commence the engagement. 2nd Prussian corps moved forward, and the French artillery opened fire. The sound was heard to the south, and this was the first indication that the rest of the army had that a battle was in progress.

Both commanders in chief were some distance from Uelzen when the battle started, and hence would have no influence on the outcome. Both were waiting for reports from their corps commanders to determine the intentions of the enemy.

The nearest support, both French and Prussian, were at least 15 miles away. So it would be down to Kleist and Reynier to decide the outcome of the battle, and probably also to decide the immediate follow up move when night fell.


  1. Hi Paul

    Looks like the action is about to start. It will be interesting to see how the change in the campaign flow (3 turns vs 1 in a day) will reflect in the battle. It seems that there isn't any need for the "march to the sound of the guns" rule now.


  2. Hi Dave

    The three moves per day makes it easier for the campaign commanders to react to what is happening. It also means that they only have to give orders for the next four hours.

    And you are right about marching to the sound of the guns. The players are advised as soon as they hear the cannon fire, and its up to them what they do then.

    But it makes it ungainly for the campaign diary. I was not sure whether to publish the whole battle report, and then the three game moves at the end. I think I may have confused some by publishing the campaign move in the middle of the battle?