Saturday, April 2, 2011

Battle of Uelzen – Move 1

0800-0900 24 July 1813

Table at the start of move 1

General Reynier – 5CP – Engage Orders

Change orders from Engage to Hold

Artillery is out of range

No further movement

Prussians enter table

General Kleist – 4CP – Move Orders

Move cavalry to left of road to counter enemy cavalry

Remainder of the corps enter in column of march

Notes on Game

The game starts on the orders issued in the campaign, and players attempt to follow those orders until they can change them once the game has started. However it was not clear what wargame orders should apply to the French. Their campaign orders read:

“The Corps are on orders to defend this position, denying the Prussian Corps passage along the road towards Uelzen, Steinhorst and Munster. They will be on orders to engage the enemy; however should the opportunity present itself then the Corps’ orders will be changed to attack.”

In the Wargame Rules a brigade on Engage orders must advance towards the enemy in a limited attack. On Hold orders they may not advance, but will fight to hold their position and counter attack if they lose it.

It was decided that the French would start the game on Engage orders, but the French player decided Hold orders were more appropriate and changed them at the first opportunity.

Wargame Rule 4 applies.

The Wargame Rules can be found at


  1. Hi Paul

    Waiting for the action to begin. I enjoy the the way you describe the battle. The pictures, text, and rule references really helps me follow the action. It looks like it should be a fun campaign.


  2. Hi Dave

    I am glad that you are enjoying the campaign.

    Its always difficult to know the best way to do the battle report. Whether to keep it factual,like this one, or whether to make it fanciful.

    My decision was made by the fact that the campaign players follow the battle report closely, and I want them to understand why things went right, or indeed wrong.

    I must admit the extra tension of fighting someone else's battle greatly adds to our enjoyment of the game.