Saturday, February 19, 2011

Battle of Helmstedt - Move 9


24 July 1813

Table at the start of Move 9

First - 4th Prussian – 8CP

Cavalry form line facing enemy cavalry

14 brigade enter west Helmstedt

13 brigade enter east Helmstedt

14 brigade skirmish 21 brigade in west Helmstedt

21 brigade receive one casualty, test morale and pass

Second - Poor Card

Third - VI French – 6CP

Artillery limber and move towards Helmstedt

Marmont moves towards Helmstedt

23 brigade skirmish east Helmstedt and miss

21 brigade skirmish 14 brigade and miss

14 brigade skirmish back, one hit

21 brigade test morale for second casualty, fail and become shaken

Marmont moves to centre of corps

Fourth - French CinC – 7CP

Davout moves to cavalry brigade and takes command

Retire cavalry out of artillery range

Game Note

The fighting now includes both east and west Helmstedt. At present it is restricted to skirmish fire, but as casualties are inflicted the time approaches when it is worth ordering an all out attack. Hand to hand fighting is more likely to result in a decisive victory, but also runs the risk of a decisive defeat!

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