Thursday, February 17, 2011

Battle of Helmstedt - Move 7


24 July 1813

Table at the start of Move 7

First - French CinC – 7CP

Move cavalry to support artillery

Second - 4th Prussian – 6CP

15 brigade garrison west Helmstedt

14 brigade moves towards east Helmstedt

13 brigade moves to support Helmstedt

Cavalry move to outflank enemy artillery

15 brigade skirmish and miss

Third - Poor Card

Fourth - VI French – 5CP

Artillery fire on landwehr square and miss

21 brigade move towards west Helmstedt

22 brigade move towards Helmstedt

Marmont moves to centre of corps

23 brigade skirmish east Helmstedt and hit

Garrison skirmish 23 brigade and miss

Garrison test morale for first casualty and pass

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