Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Suchet leaves Barceloa for Tarragona

22 May 1813

4th Spanish Army on the march

Musnier is aware that a battle has been fought near Tarragona, due to the sound of cannon fire on 20 May. He is also aware Roche is at Mora. He has received no orders since leaving Barcelona 8 days earlier. He decides that he should march to the sound of the guns, and moves to Mora.

Suchet leaves a small garrison at Barcelona, and marches towards Tarragona with 15th Polish corps.

By late afternoon Captain-General Copons is aware of all of these movements at his headquarters at Vals. He orders 4th corps to move to Vendrils and prevent Suchet from reaching Tarragona. He will concentrate 1st and 3rd Armies at Prades and prevent Musnier from reaching Tarragona.

21 May 1813

General Musnier has taken Lerida with 4th corps, but is disappointed to find no trace of General Roche. He rests his corps, but orders his cavalry to find where the Spanish have gone. At nightfall he receives confirmation that they have moved to Moira, on the mountain road to Tarragona.

General Habert is isolated in Tarragona. The city has sufficient rations for 10 days, but will have to surrender is not relieved or resupplied by then.

General Hairspe arrives at Barcelona, where he is allowed to rest his weary Poles for 24 hours, but must be ready to march at first light.

Captain-General is pleased that his army has performed so well at Reus. He orders 2nd Army to occupy the town and impose the siege on Tarragona. 1st Army is ordered north to Vals to prevent Musner from marching on Tarragona.

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