Sunday, September 5, 2010

Spanish advance towards Tarragona

18 May 1813

4th corps are now within a couple of days march of Lerida. They are unaware of any Spanish activity to the south. 15th corps increase their rate of march, still unaware of the Spanish presence in the mountains to their north. 5th corps move to Reus to make contact with the Spanish and open communications with Lerida.. They report to Suchet at Barcelona that they expect to engage at least one Spanish army.

2nd Spanish halts at Prades to allow 1st army to draw closer in preparation for their advance on Reus.

17 May 1813

Polish corps marching to Barcelona

4th corps continue their march towards Lerida.. 5th corps patrols report Spanish activity around Prades, and this news is forwarded to Marshal Suchet at Barcelona. He orders 15th corps to increase their efforts to reach the weakly held city.

1st and 2nd Spanish armies cross river Ebro and march towards Tarragona.

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