Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halle campaign ends in French Victory

28-30 June 1813

Locations at end of campaign

Over the next four days Kutuzov withdraws all of his army to the east bank of the river Saale.

His concern now is to hold the line of the river and cover the road to Dresden.

Napoleon takes advantage of the Russian concentration around Leipzig to push his 3rd corps over the river to occupy Gera.

With this foothold on the west bank, Napoleon orders his weary troops to close up on the west bank and orders a temporary halt to operations

Effect of the Campaign

The campaign has been a limited success for the French. They have held the Russians on the line of the river Saale. They have also extended the line of the Second Army to the north on the river Elbe. But in doing so they have suffered heavy casualties and are in need of a considerable rest before Napoleon can hope to continue the struggle.

The Russian army is also in line with the Prussians to the north. The great advance has been brought to a complete standstill. But they have both achieved a number of victories against the French, and require only a good rest, reorganization and resupply to be ready to resist any further French advance.

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