Monday, September 20, 2010

French defeated at Rohenberg

21 June 1813

Battle of Rohenberg

Napoleon must strike before the Russians can concentrate, he orders two of his corps to take Rohenberg and drive the Russians away from the Dresden road.

Kutuzov orders 2nd corps to abandon Gera and move to support Rohenberg.

Table at start of game

Game objective is to capture village of Rohenburg

2nd Russian corps (Jan) in and around town

3rd Russian corps (Jan) will enter top left

2nd French corps (Paul) will enter bottom left

3rd French corps (Paul) will enter bottom right

Fight for the farm

Despite being outnumbered at Rohenburg the Russian infantry continue to hold. The French gunners have routed and the Russian artillery is moving into canister range.

The Russian infantry in the farm is also holding their own against two French brigades who are exchanging fire with them. The French artillery, now almost in canister range, have failed to inflict a single casualty.

The Russian cuirassiers have reformed after their melee and are awaiting orders to attack

With both French cavalry brigades in rout, and also one of their batteries, Napoleon orders a withdrawal before the Russians can take advantage of the situation.

Effect on Campaign

The young guard, the second best corps in Napoleon’s army, is effectively finished as a fighting force, and Napoleon’s attempt to storm the river Saale has ended in defeat.

20 June 1813

Outflanked in the south, Kutuzov orders his four corps to concentrate on the Dresden road and abandon Leipzig.

All four French corps have now crossed the river Saale, but are widely separated, whereas the Russians hold the central position.

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