Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prussian victory at Calbe

5 May 1813

The battle of Calbe

The Prussians advanced either side of the road, with the cavalry brigade on their left.

The French cavalry were on the opposite flank holding the road to Magdeburg.

The Prussian cuirassiers charged the infantry holding the French right flank, and routed them. This caused great confusion and delayed the French redeployment to meet this threat.

The Prussian columns now stormed Calbe and the French garrison joined the rout, further disrupting the French redeployment.

The Prussian cavalry now charged the disordered mass and drove 5 French corps out of Calbe in great disorder

This was a convincing victory for 2nd Prussian corps, who received only light casualties.

5th French corps fled westwards and could not be rallied until they arrived at Groningen.

Blucher had secured his bridgehead on the west bank of the river Elbe.

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