Monday, August 23, 2010

Army Organisation

Typical French Army

The army is the largest command in this campaign.

There are four corps in each army, and a reserve can be created by taking cavalry or artillery from one or more corps.

Typical French Corps

The smallest command in this campaign is the corps.

Each corps consists of

4 infantry brigades

1 cavalry brigade

Corps artillery

Order of Battle

The order of battle has been designed to make use of the figures currently in my collection.

I already had the figures when I designed the campaign, I did not have the luxury of buying them to suit the order of battle. So I have had to compromise in the selection of figures, command groups and such.

There are three sets of figures 28mm, 18mm and 6mm. Again I already had these figures in my collection. However this does give me the ability to fight large battles on the same 6x6 foot table by using smaller figures.

There are photographs of each army in each scale here:

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